Sidebar: Welding

While this does not pertain directly to my usually middling state of cleanliness, I feel I should discuss the situation with the freight elevator.  Obviously, the negatives are the smokiness and foul smells but the positive is that we caught glimpses of handsome firefighters investigating the situation.  I can’t advise the anyone to call 911 again for a non-emergency situation, but let’s just say I wouldn’t mind it.

Evacuation my ass


Just because Hurricane Irene is coming doesn’t mean you have to leave your shit in me.

Thanks For The Bait


If food must be left in me, then I do prefer it to be wrapped in plastic—it’s much easier for clean-up.

From Beautiful To Base In Less Than Two Weeks

This is the crap I have to deal with at the end of the day.

I mean, seriously, PEOPLE.  WTF are you thinking?

Some context for the uninitiated:

Two weeks ago, in a desperate cry for help, I posted this sign:


And then I was sparkling!


Things were good for a few days.

There were some errant pieces of junk.


But, overall, it wasn’t bad at all.  And then people went back to their old, bad habits.

Some asshole thought WHOLE CLOVES OF GARLIC would fit through the sink strainer last Friday.  And the cloves remained in the strainer through the weekend till today.

Also today: For some reason, someone thought a paper towel would go down the train.


But the piece de resistance must be this disgusting brew (pictured at top) that’s either grits or polenta.  Stop the madness, please.  Would you leave that in your kitchen sink at home?  Wait, maybe you would.  Okay, would you leave that mess in a sink that you shared with dozens of other people?

When crap dries on me…


It looks like crusted over vomit! I guess this is my “Walk of Shame” look.

Case of the Mondays


Salad scrapings and a rubber band.  I hate people.

My July 5th Hangover


Obviously, dirt doesn’t sit well with me

Some asshole tried to pour granola down my drain


Someone thinks that the communal sink is supposed to be a toilet